Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles

Create your own personalised jigsaws and have your photos immortalised in a way that you can enjoy over and over again. The custom jigsaw puzzles will be handmade to order using the highest quality materials, and it is all done onsite in our London facility.

Online Design Tool

With our design interface which updates in real-time, you can make sure you're 100% happy with your design.

Handmade in London

Every personalised jigsaw puzzle is made by a team of experts one by one in our London facility. No mass production and much less waste.

Various Options

Choose various options for your personalised jigsaw puzzles, from the number of pieces to the physical size, the shape and tin design.

Create Collages

Can't choose one image? Why not use a selection and create your very own montage with five pre-set templates or start fresh.

Choose By Number of Pieces

Choose your personalised jigsaw puzzles based on the number of pieces they have.

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puzzle on demand personalised jigsaw puzzles

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles

We have been working with modern printing methods, the highest-quality materials and the most environmentally friendly way of custom puzzle production for over fifteen years. Constantly updating and adapting the way that we create personalised jigsaws, we want to ensure that you receive the highest quality we can achieve. Working with a deep infusion method, we use water-based, eco-friendly inks to create your print on custom jigsaw puzzles. These inks are applied to the material of your bespoke jigsaw puzzles, where they deeply penetrate, creating a lasting bond that is rub-proof, scratch-proof and fade-resistant. This modern digital printing is textureless, so there is no extra film or transfer on the top of your personalised jigsaw puzzles. 

We have fully trained experts working on your custom puzzles onsite in our bespoke facility in North West London. From professional printing technicians to skilled craftsmen, a team of experienced specialists work together to ensure that each and every one of your personalised jigsaw puzzles are made with consistent care and attention. Strict quality checks are carried out at every stage of the process of making your custom puzzles. This is completed before our stringent quality control department checks the custom jigsaw puzzles over once and for all before it is shipped out to you. 

When you create printed puzzles with us, you can go from ordered-online to delivered-to-your-door in a matter of days.