Personalised Puzzles For Toddlers

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle for Toddlers

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Personalised puzzles for toddlers have been specifically designed with the youngsters in mind. From the basic four-piece layout to the bulky quarter-inch pieces and even the dribble-resistant wooden base and wipe-clean surface, we have done everything we can to cater to your little rascals. Supplied in a pouch bag so that you can keep all the pieces together when not in use, design your own photo jigsaw puzzle for toddlers online.

  • Personalised puzzles for toddlers
  • 4 piece puzzle for small hands
  • Supplied in a pouch bag
  • Handmade to order in London UK
  • No minimums, design online
  • Made in UK

    Made in UK

    Lovingly made in the UK by our talented artisans here in London, using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials.

  • Ready same day.

    Ready same day.

    Production time: Ready same day.

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  • UK delivery: £4.95
    • UK delivery: £4.95
    • Western European: £12
    • Other European: £13
    • North America: £14
    • Australia / Japan: £15
    • Rest Of The World: £16
  • Eco-friendly


    Every item is made using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

Personalised puzzles for toddlers are a careful balance between challenging and overwhelming. From baby to pre-schooler, a personalised jigsaw for toddlers will see them through. Design with familiar faces and let your toddlers take as much as they can from this amazing custom puzzle.

Your mini-human will love exploring the different texture on the front and back, and the uneven edges as a baby. For 1-year-old toddlers, the quarter-inch pieces will help their grip and dexterity, and by the time they are two or three, they will be ever so curious and begin to assemble the pieces of their personalised puzzles for toddlers. This will not only aid their hand-eye-coordination and puzzle and problem-solving skills, but it will also fill them with pride at their own achievement once completed. Even as an older pre-schooler they will still love to piece together this fantastic photo jigsaw puzzle for toddlers just to see that familiar face smiling back at them. 

Printed using modern, digital techniques, these are designed to last, throughout your little rascal's early years and beyond. The print is rub-proof, scratch-resistant and is proven to last longer without fading than traditional printing methods. 

Personalised Puzzles For Toddlers
  • Toddler Puzzle

    So to not overwhelm your toddler, the puzzle has four different pieces.

  • Dimensions

    7.5 inches square (19.05 cm x 19.05 cm), 160 g (including pouch)

  • Easy Grip

    Each of the puzzle pieces is a quarter of an inch thick to aid grip.

  • Pouch

    Supplied in a fabric pouch bag.

  • Closure

    The bag has a drawstring closure.

  • Size

    Your pouch is 145 mm x 190 mm.

  • Wood

    Wood backing is used.

  • Fabric

    The pouch bag is fabric.

  • Ribbon

    The drawstring closure of the pouch is made from satin ribbon.